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♫ Goin' to the Chapel and we're, going a wedding dress? ♫

Built in 1888, the Chapel has seen many things over its 130 years, and we are pleased to start its next chapter as a wedding boutique!

About Us: About Us




Owner/Bridal Consultant

Ashleigh has worked in bridal for 13 years and absolutely loves her job. She knows everything there is to know about bridal, so don't be scared to ask her any questions.

Ashleigh loves getting to know her brides individual styles and stories. No two are the same.

Random question:

Batman or Superman?

Batman! He comes with lots of cool toys and I get to do the voice! "I am batman"



Manager/Bridal Consultant

Michelle doubles up as a bridal consultant and a fire alarm engineer. She has found her true talent in bridal and wishes she had found this career a lot sooner. Full of energy from morning to night, she is ready to help you find the perfect dress.

Random question:

If you won one million pounds what would you spend it on?

I would buy a cottage style home and go on a fancy holiday.



Clerical PA/Model

Abbie has been working in bridal for several years and is multi talented. She spends most of her time keeping the paperwork upto date, but she looks fabulous modelling all of Ashleigh Richards Bridal dresses.

Random question:

If you could be any animal what would it be?

A dragon ... Does that count? They can fly and breathe fire!

About Us: Meet the Team


Bridal Consultant

Our jolly Jess, in her daisy jeans, loves working with our brides to help them find their perfect dress.

Jess studies hard at university during the week and helps our brides say yes to the dress during the weekends.

Random question:

If you went into the fridge, What food would you go for?

Chocolate everytime! anything but salad! haha!



Trainee Sales Assistant

Our newest member, Mollie, brings a lot of enthusiasm to the chapel.

Mollie enjoys being a part of something that's so special to each bride and helps them find that special dress!

Mollie is a whiz with our social media and keeps our insta up to date with the latest trends.

Random question:

What is your secret talent?

I'm not sure if it’s a talent but it’s the only weird thing I can do, I can laugh without smiling! 



Trainee Sales Assistant

Izzy has a fabulous way with people and helps keep all the guests entertained whilst the bride tries on dresses. She makes a smashing cup of tea, so don't be shy to ask for one!

She is training to work in uniformed protective services in the future.

Random question:

Do you believe in ghosts? Why?

Yes! Because I've seen one. Spooooky!

About Us: Meet the Team

'I honestly loved my experience and I’m so glad I found my dress here. Everyone was so lovely and helpful. There was no pressure to buy even though there was a designer event on and I was able to take as long as I needed when trying on each dress. My family loved that they could get involved choosing dresses for me to try on. It’s such a lovely and relaxed environment to try on dresses (the chapel is stunning!). I couldn’t recommend more!'

Rhiannon Terry

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